Urethral Sounding – What is it? You Think You Know everything about Sounding – Take look and Find more!
Urethral Sounding – What is it? You Think You Know everything about Sounding – Take look and Find more!

What is Urethral Sounding

In our daily life, many of us constantly search for new forms to reach and feel a bigger and better Orgasm than the one we had before. One of the many ways to achieve this is Urethral Sounding. Let’s now find out about it and explore its pleasures.

A satisfying sex life is the understanding of our sexual needs, and desires. We hold the responsibility of our sexual pleasure. So, you may be looking for new forms of one of the activities leading to great enjoyment is Urethral Sounding. So, what is Urethral Sounding?

Urethral Sounding

The answer to the question of what is Urethral Sounding. In short, it is The act of inserting specially designed sounding toys into the urethra for Pleasure.


Urethral Sounding is also called as Urethral Play, Sounding, Cock-stuffing, Medical Play and Catheter Fetish

Originally this practice started as a medical procedure to clear obstructions from the Urethra. But also when done safely and properly, it is a satisfying form of sexual play. 

Sounding is still seen as taboo for many. Sounding in news recently has been exciting purely because it’s a new and different form of sexual pleasure, as well as somewhat risky and non-traditional.

Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding is the insertion of an object into the urethra that gives to achieve sexual satisfaction.

The Anatomy of the Penis

The Anatomy of the Penis

What makes Urethral Sounding a big pleasure

The genitals are dense with nerves, the urethra passes by particularly sensitive areas in the penis head also known as glans, the clitoris, and the Male G-Spot.

Sounding stimulates these nerves directly. So, inserting a long thin toy inside your pee hole and pushing it down to the urethra to feel pleasure.

Sounding is easy and enjoyable

Sounding doesn’t require a partner, but  it does require a great sounding tool to help you enjoy a great Sounding session. A sounding Toy is demanded to be made with high quality material and be perfectly designed to avoid any injuries. 

A well designed sounding toy stimulates the prostate if it’s inserted deeply enough. 

Sounding regularly has been proven to be a healthy practice. The experts have proven an Orgasm through Sounding helps to relieve stress as it also boosts the immune system and helps our bodies to burn calories! 

Take control of the sounding and pick up the benefits

Sounding provides sexual fulfillment as well as gives you pleasure and reduces stress. Sounding does help you feel happier and less or even helps with depression as it has shown in different groups of practitioners.

Benefits of Sounding

  • Great Feeling: Urethral sounding produces many pleasurable sensations
  • Urethral sounding allows you to try something new
  • Unique Sensations: It feels like nothing else
  • Direct Prostate Stimulation: Urethral sounding allows you to stimulate your prostate
  • Penis Gets Bigger and Stronger: Urethral sounding can make your penis bigger and your erections stronger
  • Building Intimacy for Couples

There are ways to connect with other practitioners through online forums or workshops, it is easy for you to find and become part of a community and have a positive impact on your practice and overall sense of self.

Sounding is ideal for adventurous people who love to try new and exciting forms of pleasure. Get ready to get on board with many others and check out what Sounding Toy will be your playmate.

Urethral Sounding Guide

Learn more about playing Urethral Sounding online Course

Did you know that you can learn Urethral Sounding through an online course. Take the techniques and the best tips to your aid and enjoy more. Check out our partner Fistfy Urethral Sounding online course.