Sounding Toys® The Pearl Sounds

Watch the Pearl Sounds product video – See how the sound pearl necklace looks and how it feels inside you

It may be impossible to describe in words what it feels like – It’s an absolutely amazing and unique feeling. However, let’s try to take a feel for what it looks like and how it feels. Watch the latest product video now.

We are proud to present. After many experiments and tests, we believe we have created something unique. Just like natural pearls.

Sounding Toys®The Pearl Sounds

Feel the balls in your hand. It is made precisely to enjoy and play. With its Optimal design with Pearl bead it will push smoothly inside you.

The smoothly moving Bend and flexible pearl necklace protrudes smoothly into your tube. The pearl necklace expands the sensations both inside and in your hand. You will find rich new sensations in pearl necklace.

The pearl sound consists of pearls with a smooth surface. You choose the size and length of the bead. A sound made for you.

The Pearl Sounds – It doesn’t have to have the slightest compromise in this sound. Therefore, we proudly say It is Designed for Ultimate Satisfaction. Take a closer look at the Pearl sound.

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