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Urethral Sounding Online course – Time to learn Urethral Sounding through an online course

Do You want to learn and improve Urethral Sounding skills? Enjoy Sounding play even more taking Fistfy First Edition Sounding Course by Fistfy. In our first Sounding Play course You will learn the information you need to play Urethral Sounding safely and enjoyably.

Now you can learn Urethral Sounding through an online course. Using the techniques and the best tips to your aid to enjoy more. Check out new Fistfy Urethral Sounding online course.

Also you will  learn special skills used in Urethral Sounding that you will not find anywhere else. Take advantage of this Urethral Sounding Course and progress to the pinnacle in sound play. In addition, you will learn how to control an orgasm and ejaculate twice or more.

The Urethral Sounding online Course First Edition

Learning all Secrets of Urethral Sounding. You will have the knowledge regarding the Anatomy of the Dick. How to Enjoy Urethral Sounding and important tips and advices. You will also learn how you can make a difference in getting a better Urethral Sounding experience. Really, you will have a satisfactory influence in many ways as you practice our methods. The first edition of our Sounding Guide by Fistfy Master Class series course comprises 24 top quality lectures.

Also you will learn everything about different Types of Urethral Sounds. Because, It requires to be done with the right tools or equipment suitable and specifically designed to practice Sounding.

Fistfy guarantee: You will enjoy more of Urethral Sounding

 How to have a better Urethral Sounding experience and how to develop Sounding skills. Fistfy guarantee you will succeed and  totally satisfy yourself more after this course.

CERTIFICATE – Urethral Sounding Online course

After completing Fistfy Urethral Sounding Online course you will receive a Fistfy Certificate of participation. All course material is always available around the clock and anywhere to your access.


  • FULL Access to the Best Urethral Sounding online Guide
  • Information on Dick’s anatomy, learning the best enjoyment points and how to reach them
  • Course material includes professional High Quality pictures and graphics etc.
  • 24 A high-quality Lectures and illustrations also, study material regarding the Urethral Sounding
  • All clear instructions and tips on how to practice Urethral Sounding
  • You will learn the best ways to reach an Orgasm more than once at the same time
  • Theoretical summaries and assignments with model solutions to support independent training
  • At the end of the course you may give a feedback and rate our Course
  • Questions answered by the author of the course immediately
  • Direct access and communication to our course manager
  • After completing our course you will receive a Fistfy Certificate of participation

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