Sounding and Types of Urethral Sounds
Sounding and Types of Urethral Sounds. The variety of Urethral Sounds you can use for sexual stimulation is very wide.

Types of Urethral Sounds

Sounding gives you the good and pleasant feelings associated with sexual experiences. The sexual pleasure found in sounding arises due to the sensitivity of this part of our body called erogenous zone.

Let’s now take a look at the slightly different Types of Urethral Sounds. Then, It requires to be done with the right tools or equipment suitable and specifically designed to practice Sounding.

The level of pleasure found in sounding is one of a kind; always choose the right toys and tools to practice it. So, having the perfect tool is indeed the best part of it all.

Sounding and Types of Urethral Sounds

The variety of Urethral Sounds you can use for sexual stimulation is very wide. There are two types of Urethral Sounds, one is ideal for beginner users and the other is best suited for experienced ones.

Penis Plugs and Urethral Sounds made of Platinum Cure Silicone material are the most popular tools used, due to their guarantee of great stimulation and lower risk of infections. Sounds are designed in varying sizes, the reason is to achieve different sensations.

Urethral Sounding tools size

The diameter, which is the thickness of the toy, is the most important thing to take into account.The toy’s thickness determines whether it’s safe to insert the toy inside your urethra.

The length, weight and design  also play an important role in Sounding.The toy’s length determines how deep you can go, and while super-long Urethral Toys are not made for beginners, keep in mind that you can always insert the toy only a little. In other words, never insert the toy all the way down if you are not ready.

Basic units of measurement for sounds

Sounders range anywhere from half an inch to as long as you can imagine, up to about a foot in length or sometimes more. The most common length is between 3 and 8 inches depending on your level of experience and purpose.

Urethral Plugs

These are considered  the  type of urethral toy to experiment with. They are small, and their intention is to penetrate only a few inches into the urethra. The majority of penis plugs have a T-bar or ring at one end, which will stop from inserting the toy too far and losing it.

A penis plug is easy to insert and hold, also some of them may have ridges or patterns on the surface, this provides different sensations to the nerves within the urethra. 

Penis Plugs besides being simple and traditional  are as well designed to be worn for longer periods of time, and will be hollow. This allows bodily fluids to pass through them while you wear them. 

Urethral Sounds

These sounds are longer than penis plugs, and are made to be able to penetrate further deep inside the body. The most typical are made of silicone variants that are more comfortable and highly recommended. The standard and popular designs are simply a large rod to be inserted into the urethra, and depending on length, it will penetrate the entire length of the urethra until it reaches the bladder.

Even though the most traditional sounds come as a simple straight rod, there are many variants  all shaped differently to provide different sensations when used. 

According to their shapes these are the most popular used Sounds Toys



Hank Sounds

Designed double ended, each side of the sound being a different size. They feature a small bump a few inches down the sound. These bumps are used to stop you from inserting the sound too far.

Hegar Sounds

The most common type of sound used always for sexual pleasure. Also double ended, and they feature a curved S shape. This curve makes them comfortable to insert in the urethra.

Pratt Sounds

Pratt sounds are an intermediate urethral sound, designed for experienced users. They have a look very similar to Hegar sounds at first glance, what sets them apart is, they are longer, and have a very pronounced curve.

Rosebud Sounds

They are  single sided, with the other end. It is slightly thicker to form a good handle for you to hold onto. They are designed quite short, and the insertion end has a small bullet shaped piece on the end for extra stimulation.

Van Buren Sounds

Van Buren sounds are made for the most experienced and highly advanced sound users. They are extra long to reach the entire length of the urethra and stimulate all the way until reaching the bladder. These sounds have a J-shape, to allow them to comfortably follow the curve of the urethra, and they can only be inserted or removed while the penis is flaccid.

Dittle Sounds

These are some of the shortest sounds available, and are for people transitioning from penis plugs to urethral sounding. They have a straight smooth body, but the main feature is their ends. Dittle sounds have flat ends, which function as handles and can even be attached to devices such as vibrators or electrical stimulators.

Note: The type of sound you go for will always depend on your experience level, and how much pleasure you want to feel from the experience. Silicon is more adjustable to use and insert into your urethra.