This is how you do Urethral Sounding. Once you have the perfect sounding toy to start your Sounding experience, this is how you do it.
This is how you do Urethral Sounding. Once you have the perfect sounding toy to start your Sounding experience, this is how you do it.

Sounding Safety guide

Sounding, as any sexual practice requires a fair amount of knowledge and care to lower the risks and avoid danger. Always make sure you know what you are doing to ensure your well being. 


Sounding regularly has been proven to be a healthy practice. The experts have proven  an Orgasm through Sounding helps to  relieve stress as it also boosts the immune system and helps our bodies to burn calories! 

One of the important facts to always keep in mind is the size of your urethra will not be affected if you only practice sounding every once in a while.

When doing Sounding for the first time GO SLOW!

If you decide to practice regularly, perhaps  weekly and increasingly use larger or more textured toys, it is a fact that your urethra will begin to stretch out. In our opinion this experience is the part of the most fun!

Also, If you are looking for your first urethral toy, make sure to pay attention to the toy’s diameter first as well as the material it is made.

Choose a small one if you’re just starting out, and gradually increase the size by small increments.

As you start practicing this fun activity, always  take your time and be careful not to stretch it to the point that it hurts or causes other discomfort.



Risks to consider before starting Urethral Sounding

The practice of sounding has been proven to have no long-term side effects on how you urinate.

It will sting when you pee after a sounding session, but this is temporary. The risks come from injury when using toys too big or being too rough when the toy’s inserted. Other major risks to consider before starting Urethral Sounding are just a few. These risks are very common.

An Urinary tract infection from bacteria

An Urinary tract infection from bacteria on your toy getting into small cuts inside your urethra. Also, tissue damage from being too rough or using an instrument with rough textures and the most unlikely a toy getting stuck if it goes too deep in the urethra or you don’t use enough lube to insert it. 

Urethral Sounds

  • abnormal discharge coming out of your urethra
  • an active outbreak of a sexually transmitted infection,herpes or gonorrhea.
  • a history of frequent UTIs
  • a history of injury to the urethra
  • a prostate condition, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancer.

When to stop right away and Pull the toy out?

  • If you feel pain or numbness
  • A cold sensation around the genitals or throughout your body
  • unusual changes of color of your genital area. becoming pale or bluish
  • unusual discharge
  • swelling
  • redness
  • Constant bleeding

The most important things to always remember about your Sounding Toys, always Sterilizing them before and after sounding. Sterilize toys in boiling water or a betadine solution.Use gentle, unscented soap and warm water to wash your hands and your outer genital areas.Also, finding the right-sized toy for you basically means a Toy not too thick or thin. Always doing it slowly and gently,  seeking medical help if necessary for injury or toys if gets stuck.

Note: The type of sound you go for will always depend on your experience level, and how much pleasure you want to feel from the experience. Silicon is more adjustable to use and insert into your urethra.