Urethral Sounding FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most common questions of Urethral Sounding. If you did not find the answer to your question, send it to us and we will answer it for you.

Some users have a bit of doubt about urethral sounding. It is understandable: inserting things into the penis seems counter-intuitive. However, don’t let this thought stop you or prevent you from enjoying. If you are intrigued by urethral stimulation, try it to see if this is something you like.

We have collected the most frequent questions users asked, here they are, and have a great Sounding experience!

Is Urethral Sounding Safe?

Yes, Sounding is completely safe and must be done properly.This involves sterilizing toys before sounding, finding the right-sized toy for you,doing it very gently and seeking medical help if necessary for injury or toys that get stuck

What are the major risks to consider in Urethral Sounding?

There are a few major risks to consider before trying sounding: An urinary tract infection (UTIs) from bacteria on your toy getting into small cuts inside your urethra. A tissue damage from being too rough or using an instrument with abrasive textures and mainly a toy getting stuck if it goes too deep in the urethra or you don’t use enough lube. 

Why does Urethral sounding feel good?

The main reason why people started practicing urethral sounding is due to a medical procedure. People began then wondering why this would be a pleasurable sexual practice. To this the answer is simple. The head of the penis is filled with nerves, as is the urethra, which gives an  amazing feel when stimulated.

What Lubricant is best to use in Urethral Sounding?

You should always only use sterile lubricant. There are several sterile lubricants perfect for urethral sounding. The lubricant helps your sounding toy glide into place comfortably at the same time the sterile formula keeps you safe from harm. KY Jelly is the perfect solution, 100% sterile, the formula won’t harbour bacteria, and has been tried, tested and trusted for many years. Plus, the water-base will ensure that things stay really ‘wet’ and slippery.

How to sterilize my Urethral Sounding toys at home?

Yes. The easiest way to sterilize sounds is to boil them in water. This will help to kill the microorganisms and make urethral toys safe to use.

What if you can’t get the object out?

To remove a toy that has gotten stuck or gone too deep, try these pieces of advice.

  • Staying calm and focused on what you’re doing.
  • Sit in warm water to make your skin more flexible and expand the urethra
  • Relax your genital muscles. This will help loosen the urethral muscles and make the toy more likely to slip out.
  • Try to feel for the toy from the skin above. Then, try to push the toy out by gently squeezing the tissues around where the toy has entered.

Not coming out?

Get to urgent care or an emergency room right away. 

Keep your genital area as still as possible to prevent any sudden or abrupt movement that could injure your urethra.

Be honest and direct with your medical provider. It’s normal to feel embarrassed, don’t leave any details out when you’re speaking with a nurse or doctor. They need to know what kind of tool you used and how it got stuck there so that they can provide the most effective treatment.

...and keep in mind

All and Anything you do with your body is fully your responsibility and none other than yours alone. If you are having doubts or not enough knowledge and information on this subject, We sincerely  advise you to leave it be for some other time and acquire skills and full mental capacity to plunge into such an enjoyable practice like Sounding.

Note: The type of sound you go for will always depend on your experience level, and how much pleasure you want to feel from the experience. Silicon is more adjustable to use and insert into your urethra.