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Here's how to set the right size for your sound - It's easy and flexible

This will prevent you from purchasing the wrong size for your sounds. You can find tips and instructions for the right Sounds size on this Sounding toys guide. So, read this before purchasing. You save both money and a big annoying moment when you buy the wrong size toy. Don’t be confused trying to figure these out clearly. Nevertheless, the choice is easy and flexible.

Basic units of measurement for sounds

Basic units of measurement for sounds

The sizing of sounds is based on two different dimensions. The first is the circumference of the sound. They are reported in four different dimensions. which are the circumferences as follows; Measure close to the sound head, middle section, and base section. Also what is the maximum diameter of the Sound.

Another measure we give is the length of the sound. The Overall length and insertable length.

DImension of head

This is a measure close to the beginning of the sound called the head.

Dimension of MIDDLE

Sounding toys middle diameter measure.

DImension of Base

Insertable length of part of the 

base of the diameter measure.

DImension of maximum

This will tell you what is the maximum circumference of the Sounding toys.

insertable length

The insertable length tells what is to be inserted the maximum size of the part to be installed inside the sound.


The total length measure tells you the total length of the sound, including any end pieces.

There are four different diameters and lengths of sounds to choose from

Each Sounding Toys® sound has four different diametres and lengths to choose from. Diameters measurement options are 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 millimeters. Lengths are 15 cm, 25 cm, 35 cm and 45 cm. You can choose the length and thickness to your liking.


Each Sounding Toys has four different diameters to choose from. So, You can choose the length and thickness to your liking.

Sounding toys diameter dimensions


Each Sounding Toys has four different lengths to choose from. You can choose the length and thickness to your liking.

Choose your size carefully

Be careful when choosing a product size. Carefully familiarize yourself with the products and its size variations before ordering. Use our entire guides to help you. We are unfortunately unable to receive refunds. The products are made to order and personalized to suit you. 

The choices have been made easy and flexible for you

In our online store, you can easily and quickly select the right size for your new favorite Sounding Toys® Sound – just two clicks and the size is set.