We value your privacy

Not everyone needs to know where you get your awesome products, we understand that completely. All packages are shipped in plain, sturdy, brown boxes to ensure that your secret never gets out!

Your credit card or debit card statement will show a charge to Our billing name is SVGVisiofy Group. So, your Privacy Guaranteed

Worldwide Shipping

We offer shipping for a flat fee at a price to choose from in two delivery classes Standard and Express. If you choose from an additional charge for Express delivery which also includes queuing bypass manufacturing in our process.

For all orders Our primary carriers are UPS, DHL and FedEX. The shipment includes shipment tracking and insurance. 


Please note that in addition to the delivery time, the manufacturing time of our products. Currently, the duration of the manufacturing process is 8-12 days.

Shipment tracking

Where is your package? No worries, Tracking shipments is easy! It happens like this. When our order leaves us, you will receive a packaging tracking code in your email and you can track where it is going.

You do not have to worry knowing that all our shipments are also insured.

Returns and Refunds

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products we sell, we are unable to return when the toy leaves us. The products are made to order and personalized to suit you. Because of this, we are unfortunately unable to receive refunds. 

Be careful when choosing a product size. Carefully familiarize yourself with the products and its size variations before ordering. Use our entire guides to help you.